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A game about changing states. · By Manik Sinha


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pocico is now free
I've decided to release pocico for free. If you bought it and would like a refund please email me at ManikSinha at protonmail dot com with the email you used to...
Build 7
I added a new game: Polyiamond! This game is like the previous game I added: Polyomino except this one uses triangles instead of squares. Here is a wikipedia ar...
2 files — 7
Build 6
I added a new game: Polyomino! Ever wanted to play a game where you can't even see every level in a lifetime? Well now you can. This game generates a random pol...
2 files — 6
Build 5
I added a new game: The Sun.
2 files — 5
A game about changing states.
Build 4
I added two new games: Growable Triplets and All But One. They are special in that they can grow and shrink. In Growable Triplets, three neighboring shapes cha...
2 files — 4
Build 3
I added new game: Diamond Hexagon! It's based on rhombille tiling .
2 files — 3
MacOS version released
MacOS version released. Please use the itch app to install. If you have any problems please post something in the forums. Enjoy! Thank you (in alphabetical orde...
Mac version being tested
I'm testing the mac version. I suggest you hold off on buying the mac version until the test is over. The demo is fine though. Let me know if there are any prob...