A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Single-player word game where you rearrange letters to complete words.
Looks simple but also challenging.

Made for Weekly Game Jam (Week 81, Theme: Words).

How to play:

Click on a letter to select it. Click on another letter to move your letter to that position. Make a word in every row to win!

You can also click the buttons on the side.

They let you shuffle the board if you need a fresh perspective.
Generate a new puzzle if this one's too hard or you won.
Increase the number of letters in the puzzle.
Decrease the number of letters in the puzzle.
Give one hint word.
Go back to the Main Menu.


Based on an idea by Manik Sinha
Manik Sinha: Programming, Game Design
Mibombo: Art, Game Design


No effort was made to censor words, so you might end up seeing words you may not like by chance. Do not play this game if that bothers you. If you really want to play, send me a list of words you want removed, and I will make a special copy for you.

Install instructions

Notes about macOS and GNU/Linux:

For now if you want to play on macOS and GNU/Linux, you need to first install Love2d. Then run words.love to start the game. If you need any help, feel free to ask!


words.zip 6 MB
words.love 3 MB

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